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This Singer (Ke$ha) Drinking Blood in Concert

This Singer Drinking Blood in Concert Ke$ha become a pop star's most bloodthirsty in the stage. According PopDust, recent performances Ke $ ha in Brisbane Music Festival truly tinged action 'bleed. "

In the middle of the concert, the singer of 'Tik Tok' pictorial wearing a U.S. flag that was torn suddenly doing terrible acts. As quoted from PopEater, he issued a throbbing heart that is still visible, pointed to his mouth, and drink the blood that trickled from the heart of it.

To $ ha also poured blood from the heart is through his body. There was no information whether the heart was obtained from the dissected animals or not. However, one thing is for sure, this pop group received an increasingly frenzied followers.

To $ ha plans to hold a tour in the near future. This California singer even gave it the theme of weird on her tour. The tour that he gave the theme of '$leazy Tour' Tour aka filthy.

This is the meaning of 'i' in iPod, iPhone and iPad

This is the meaning of 'i' in iPod, iPhone and iPad

Apple created a brand of product 'i ' to be said is not related to the function and design. Surely you are wondering what that means? Consider the following.

When Apple released its debut product 'i' first, iMac, Apple founder and CEO Steve Jobs said, "It is a pleasure marriage internet and the simplicity of Macintosh. "

So, 'i' represents the Internet and 'Mac' represent the Macintosh. Internet is the word most frequently mistaken represented by 'i'. However, the Internet is not the only meaning of 'i'referred to Jobs.

Besides the Internet, 'i ' also means an individual, refers to the nature of the personal computer. Instruction, computers are also intended for educational purposes as well as information and inspiration.

Since the debut of the iMac in 1998, Apple began to create some similar designs other consumer products using the 'i,' including iPod, iPhone and now the iPad.