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Japan Earthquake Predicted Previous Apparently Already

Japan Earthquake Predicted Previous Apparently AlreadyTOKYO - An earthquake that ravage Japan, last Friday, it had predicted earlier. However, researchers do not know if the strength of the quake was very powerful.

Sadayuki Kitagawa, researchers at the Seismic Research division said that they had actually predict earthquakes will occur around the coast of Fukushima and Ibaraki.

What they do not know is the size of the power of the quake and tsunami will occur. "We were already predicting there will be an earthquake with a strength of 8 or smaller, but not this big," he said.

He added that the Friday quake strength will make a series of aftershocks are expected to last for a while. Kitagawa said, it resembles a massive earthquake, the earthquake in Aceh, 2004, which also caused huge Indian Ocean tsunami.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg News reported, Italy geological institute claims Japanese earthquake shifts the axis of the earth about 10 cm.


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