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The oldest fossils on Earth It's just Crystals Minerals

The oldest fossils on Earth It's just Crystals Minerals
Twenty years ago, scientists praised the important discovery of Earth's oldest fossils found in rocks of Australia. Now, the study was indisputable masterpiece. Why?

Based on recent analysis of microscopic structure, the rocks are considered to contain microbes 3.5 billion years old it was just a series of rock containing the mineral crystals.

The findings suggest that the experts do astrobiologi careful labeling of alien life on a rock on Mars. The proof, scientists still have trouble finding evidence of early life on Earth.

Experts from the University of Kansas, United States, initially did not believe inthe existence of carbon , the materialearly in life , on therocks in the Apex Chert , Plbara ,western Australia.

They then cut the rocks with 300 micron thick, about three times the diameter of human hair, and then studied under a microscope.

Apparently, not the carbon that was found but quartz rock and mineral haematite.

"This is a funny incident in the world of science pengetahuaan when you do something that could change something 180 degrees. We turned to find something more complicated than previously thought," said study co-author, Craig Marshall.


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