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9 Habits Brain Refreshing

9 Habits Brain RefreshingFlavor saturated with the same activity each day can lead to depression. This Boredom can also make your brain feel 'less challenged'. If you often experience this, do not say anything. Perform the following exercises that can make you like having a brain 'new'.

Dorothea Brande, writer and editor from the United States is famous for his book "Wake Up and Live and Becoming a Writer", suggesting some mental exercises to keep your mind become sharper. The exercises are intended to pull you out of habit and routine, giving you a different perspective, and puts you in situations that require intellect and creativity in solving problems.

Brande believe, just by doing their own testing and stretching you develop mental strength. Here are nine exercises recommended by Brande that you can try, as quoted from Divine Caroline.

1. Spend one hour each day by not saying anything. Except, to answer the question directly, in the middle of the group, without creating the impression that you sulk or ill. Try to be as casually as possible.

2. Think for 30 minutes every day on one subject. Start by thinking within five minutes if 30 minutes too long.

3. Speak for 15 minutes per day without using the word "I", "I", and "I Belong."

4. Try to be quiet in a crowd

5. Make contact with new people and let him tell you many things about himself without realizing it.

6. Tell us exclusively about yourself and your pleasure without complaining, bragging or boring your friends.

7. Create a plan for two hours per day and do it with a consequent plan.

8. Make 12 the activities carried out at random and spontaneous. For example, after-visit places to eat that has never visited before and then go home rather than take a taxi but the motorcycle taxi. Or, usually in the morning you drink coffee, drink water or juice. Try these activities different from your routine.

9. From time to time, take each day to answer "Yes" to every demand of others, but of course that makes sense.


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