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This monument Paul 'the Octopus' Hugging Ball

Paul "Octopus." The animal was so famous during the 2010 World Cup, exceeded the statements of the players who competed or Shakira, the singer Waka-waka. Paul is dead but his fans can now remove the longing. At locations where Paul's house, a large aquarium, are now built a monument to remember.

As written FoxNews, Aquarium in Oberhausen has launched a plastic replica of a 6-foot-tall Paul on Thursday, January 20, 2011. At the replica that looks Paul was gripping the ball with eight tentacles.

A spokesman for the aquarium in Oberhousen it, Tanja Munzig, said that the monument was not just a warning, but also the final resting place of Paul.

In the ball-shaped leaves are golden urn that holds the ashes of cremation was famous octopus. This monument, he added, was established at the request of Paul's fans all over the world.

'Octopus magic' is dead at age 2 years, three months ago. He died allegedly due to illness.

Achievements Paul guess results of matches in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa was monumental. He guessed right German Tin seven games. Includes predict Germany's defeat of Spain in the semifinals.

Paul also correctly predicts Spain's championship in the final after the Dutch conquered the mere puppet goal by Andres Iniesta.

Above predictions, the Government of Spain awarded Paul as an honorary citizen Carballino City, Spain.


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