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Statues of Stalin were blown up in Ukraine

Kiev (AFP) - extremists blow up the monument of the Soviet Union leader Joseph Stalin that controversial on New Year's Eve in southeastern Ukraine and is considered as an act of terrorism, according to the local Communist Party on Saturday.

Statue in the town of Zaporizhia, issued in May, led to heated controversy in Ukraine is still divided between the nationalist west and the east fraction which tended to support Russia, because of historical connection with the Soviets.

"A criminal broke into the regional headquarters of the Communist Party, and attach a time bomb that exploded after a few minutes mounted," the Communist Party's real.

"Stalin statue was destroyed by the explosion," continued the statement of the party.

They also said that the explosion caused serious damage to buildings but no casualties.

"We consider this as an act of terrorism and a challenge from right-wing extremist groups," he added.

The explosion occurred on New Year's Eve at 22:40 local time (January 1 at 3:40 pm), he explained.

The same statue was badly damaged last week by the blast that claimed by nationalist groups Tryzub (Spear-eyed three) who accused Stalin as a "butcher the people of Ukraine and international terrorists."

At that time, there are those who doubt the original state of the statue because the communists covered with white cloth so that no visible damage.

However, it is not a mystery anymore because the photo sculpture has been scattered by the blast, which only shows the base pole only.

Stalin is a figure who was hated by most Ukrainians, who blames himself deliberately let the death of millions of citizens of Ukraine in the 1930s due to famine known as "Holodomor".

The nationalists regard the incident as an incident of genocide.


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