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10 Killed On New Year's Party at the Bar of South Africa

Johannesburg - A total of 10 people were killed during a party to welcome the New Year in South Africa due to jostling in a crowded bar in Ipelegeng township, police said Saturday.

Investigations have been made about the cause of the tragedy, which occurred near the dance floor bar in Ipelegeng, about 200 kilometers west of Johannesburg in the North West Province.

"When police were deployed to the location, they found that the crush happened in the bar and 10 people have died," said Adele Myburgh police spokeswoman told AFP.

'Cause surely crush it at this stage would be assured by the police investigation and we do not give a special identity of the victim at this stage, because the families of the victims have not been told and some not yet officially identified, "he said.

Myburgh adds a lot of people in the bar that is one factor that is being investigated by police.

Local officials called for a complete and thorough investigation.

"Someone must be held accountable for the incident which robbed precious lives of many families and communities," said Desbo Mohono, elected officials to carry out housing.

"We're puzzled and saddened by the death, "he added.


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