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Kate Middleton Like Shopping Clothing Sale and Pizza

Kate Middleton Like Shopping Clothing Sale and PizzaPerhaps Kate Middleton will soon be a member of the royal family which is the richest in the world, but a source told UsMagazine.com that Prince William's bride had not yet left the custom of lay people.

"Believe it or not, her favorite stores in the UK is a TK-Max (TJ-Maxx UK version),"a source told Us. Sources also tell if she really liked the process of bargaining when buying clothes, she also likes mixing matching clothes he bought in ordinary shops and with the usual design as well, "he has a good eye for it."
Even the candidate's daughter is getting married on April 29, at Westminster Abbey was also likes fast food available in supermarkets, such as when he was seen buying pizza from Pizza Express Margherita at Waitrose supermarket located on the island of Anglesey.

"He's happy and doing his wish. Nothing bothered him," said an eyewitness kepad Us. Loose hair - she looks very pretty. And, yes, he uses his ring. large size! "
Although she still walks like a normal person, but he still was not treated like ordinary people, candidates for the kingdom have criticized this weekend, while attending the wedding of a friend with a dress that looks as it is.


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