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Three Meanings Intimate Fantasy Men

Every man has a fantasy of intimacy respectively. Every fantasy turned out to have meaning. Want to know what the meaning of fantasy?

Consider the meaning of fantasy that, as written in Askmen:

1. Dominant female fantasy, alias dominatrix. This delusion is usually done by men who have a family background with a more female role. Not infrequently they also raised by a mother who became a single parent. It made him have a value that women can dominate, including in his sex life.

2. Fantasize with famous women. Men with a fantasy like this usually have a strong narcissistic side. In real life, they were always chasing the women beautiful and attractive. They just want to have a partner who is considered 'comparable' with him.

3. Fantasy with a blue movie star or erotic dancers. This is a sign that the men are still afraid of commitment and intimacy. Sexual intercourse is an intimate activity that is only done with a partner. That means men and women should have an official bond.

Meanwhile, hot movie actress and erotic dancer is usually considered to be only focused on sexual satisfaction alone, without the need for deep relationships. Therefore, the man who has doubts about the relationship, commitment and keintimanlah, which usually has a fantasy of this kind.


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