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Thanks to sneeze, spit out bullets from the Head

An Italian man to make the team physician of a hospital in the city of Naples unnerved. Stray bullets shot in the head, he's still alive. In fact, he himself managed to remove the bullet from his head after being accidentally sneezed.

According to BBC television, he was named Darco Sangermano lucky. Darco was rushed to a local hospital after a stray bullet hit when dissolved in the celebration of New Year Eve party in Naples.

I do not know who shot, .22-caliber bullet struck the right side of the head of Darco and penetrate the rear of the right eye before it lodged in one nostril. In the state of the bloody head, Darco immediately taken to a nearby hospital.

Luckily, according to team doctors, the 28-year-old man was not to suffer serious injuries. In fact, while waiting for action from the doctor, Darco successfully remove the bullet that landed in the nostrils after he sneezed.

However, the Darco still undergo surgery because it causes the rate of bullet fragments smaller than the skull so that the debris must be removed from the patient's head. After that, Darco must also undergo laser surgery to heal the damaged retina right eye.

According to doctors, Darco escape death because the rate has slowed as the bullet that penetrated her skull. He had no idea when exposed to fire.

Told the newspaper the Daily Mail, physicians who treat Darco, Professor Sid Berrone, claimed that the case was very rare in Italian. Berrone admitted this is her first experience as a physician in treating patients such as Darco.

"He's a very lucky because it could be immediately killed," said Berrone.


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