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After Bird, Tens of Thousands Dead Crab

After the death of thousands of birds recently, now a pile of crab carcasses are found to meet the coast at Thanet Coast.

As quoted by the website LiveScience, scientists have been puzzled by the phenomenon of the death of thousands of crabs that occur in this area. It is estimated there are about 25 thousand crab species Necora puberty who died on this beach, this year.

"This has been an unsolved phenomenon since three years in a row," said Tony Child, Thanet Coast Project Manager, told LiveScience website.

Last year, even the crabs that die in this place even more, reaching about 40 thousand crabs. Thanet Coast is a long coast which has a limestone rock, in the Kent area of England.

But this year, which is not only dead on the shore crab, but also the starfish. Crab Necora puberty or also known as velvet swimming crab, a crab that has red eyes, with fine hairs that grow on his body, so that it looked like the texture of velvet.

Environmental experts had conducted a series of studies related to this incident, but pemelitian did not find any conclusion. However, the Child had forecast about the cause of death had crabs.

According to him, every year the death occurred during shore crab covered with snow. Child explained that the snow melt will make the temperature around the coast fell to death crab is estimated to have anything to do with hipothermia. "However, I do not know for sure, whether this is really the cause," said Child.

Before the mass mortality of this crab, about 500 birds found dead in Louisiana, and other birds found dead in Sweden. While in some other countries also found the carcasses of fish that have died.


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