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Bankrupt, Toni Braxton Ready to Nude

Bankrupt, Toni Braxton Ready to NudeThe end of 2010 it was rather bleak for Toni Braxton. In fact, the news circulated Toni mentions that declared bankruptcy and still owes between $ 10 million to $ 50 million. Could be because Toni was also despair as to intend to nude for Playboy magazine, whereas before she had refused when he was given the same bid.

"New year, new opportunities. I'm considering to accept Playboy's offer to put my photo on their cover this year," wrote Toni Braxton via Twitter. Actually this is not the first time Toni Braxton got an offer from Playboy. Until now he has three times received the offer to be photographed naked for men's magazines today.

Although apparently not be realized but Toni Braxton was hoping to pose with Hugh Hefner who recently proposed to Crystal Harris proper night last Christmas. "I want to pose with Hugh Hefner. He is a man above 30 years of the most sexy as I know,"added Toni Braxton again.

Pamor Toni Braxton really had a bit faded. He almost had no activity in between 2005 to 2010 yesterday. In the year 2010 and then Toni had released an album titled PULSE and starred in a movie called The Balloon OOGIELOVES IN THE BIG ADVENTURE.


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