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After Tunisia and Egypt, Yemen's Turn Now that "rocked"

After Tunisia and Egypt, Yemen's Turn Now that SANAA - After Tunisia and Egypt, the anger against the regime now also spread to Yemen. About 15 thousand protesters took to the streets in the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, demanding that President Ali Abdullah Saleh down from office. "People want a change of regime and the president down," said one activist.

They use a uniform pink headband, a symbol of freedom. Most of the demonstrators were students, opposition party members and supporters, as well as workers and unemployment. They are divided in four locations and led an opposition party.

The issue was widely raised in the protest that is the problem of poverty and high unemployment.

"We demand that the president and his government to improve living conditions, combating corruption, and political reform. We want a brighter future for our children," said the Islamist Islah Party activist.

"We do not need to be violent, we do not allow anything to happen, which is detrimental to residents and insulting democracy," said the Yemeni Interior Minister, Rashad al-Masri Mutaher, told reporters.


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