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Who Builder Pattern in the Sleman Rice

If the first AMD stands for Armed Forces Entrance Village, now AMD is the Alien Entry Village. This is what is being much talked about following the emergence of patterns of circles in the middle of rice fields in District Berbah, Sleman, Yogyakarta.

Until Tuesday (25 / 1) this morning, apparently there are no parties who claim to make the 'crop circle' is. Not to sound too there is an alien who claimed responsibility for damaging the seven fields of tilled plots were six farmers.

Local police have also asked the farmers. Information obtained from them: "There's no way that man-made." Of course, the police had to separate reliable where testimony about the facts, and which are opinions.

[Do not forget: Monitor news media about the patterns in the rice Sleman]

We've asked you, through Answers. Is it made in person, or not? There are more than 1400 answers incoming. We thank you who have participated opinion.

From a pile of answers to that, it looks a number of trends. There are sure it is not manmade. A number of arguments put forward. For example, about the impossibility of man's work as neat as it was made in a short time; that if local people are making, then it should be selected motifs of batik; lack of trace, and others.

Consider the answer to Surya, which was the measurement of the pattern will be difficult for a human. "It took a long time," said he, "must have its activity will be known by people in the area."

Some are convinced it made ordinary people. After all, how can be found on the internet (eg here). Originally done together, not hard to make a pattern like that.

S Aditiyo one who believes that an artificial person. He said, the audience Discovery Channel or National Geographic would know that crop circles can be made using simple tools like sticks of wood, in a matter of hours. "I think it is time the Indonesian people out of superstition," he said.

There is also a believer that natural phenomena. The rest ... submit to the Almighty.

An answering, Paul, said the pattern that looks smooth because it is only visible from a distance. "If you close, not as smooth as that," he said. Really? On YouTube, someone with id 'MrXkatrok2' uploaded videos appear-circle pattern in the rice fields near Sleman. Let's see:

Well, so who makes the patterns in Sleman it?

Ah, obviously, that's an interesting work of art!


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