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Do You Wanna Have Email Marketing?

I have a friend. He likes to make a money my using his blog. His blog is contained by tips and trick business online or make money from blog. He always share what he knows in his blog. I always read his post. His post is interesting and funny. He talking about business online but in his own language. For your information, my friend is only has 16 years old. So, according to his age, he write business online with childish style. And it's far away from boring.

Day after day, his blog is become famous. And he has huge friend, including me. He is happy right now. Having a lot of friend make his life always smile and if he has a problem, he just call one of them.

But, right now he is thinking about how to sell his article to another. So, maybe he needs an email marketing. By using email marketing, he can sell easily to his fans by sending email to all of his friend. What he has to do is just write the content of his article. If it's interesting, his fans can buy one and he will got money for that!

I know that my friend is a kind one. He always share what he knows for free. We don't have to pay it. It's like a private teacher online. If you wanna ask, just leave a comment or reply the email and he will answer every different question.

By using email marketing services, now he can use autoresponder tool. So, when he don't need somebody to reply his email if he still busy, he can use this tool.

Sometimes, he wanna know which one of his article is liked by his fans, so he uses survey tool. I like the survey that he held. He always give the respondent a gift. A few days ago, I just get T-Shirt from him because I won the survey.

If you wanna know inside icontact.com, you can download the information pdf here.


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