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Sexy Photos Circulating on the Internet, Tika Putri is Stress

JAKARTA - Movie Star Tika Putri stress of her sexy photo circulating on the internet. In addition, Princess Tika had terrorized with death. Two events make her (as a movie star of Perempuan Berkalung Sorban) getting whirl Turbans.

"Tika already stressed terrorized more than a year. What terror sometimes say, was at his house, was in his house, "said Fafa, Tika manager when contacted.

Due to the circulation of sexy photos on the internet make a good name Tika polluted. Although Tika was tell the police, but until now there is no development. "We still wait alone, then so be it. But Tika had time to talk. We show it with our behavior, when Tika was not like that, "said Fafa.

Acts of terror committed by irresponsible people make Tika close two social accounts. Both accounts are closed it is Twitter and Facebook.


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