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What's New from The New Twitter

The new version of Twitter, which was named New Twitter has been announced to be launched. The change this time really is a big change. Twitter itself estimates that the new appearance of this new Twitter will be published a few weeks. The following new features leaked from New Twitter.

What's Happening box becomes narrower. Even by default there are no buttons Tweet. But it is good because it makes room for tweets become more liberal. Next to Nickname in the tweet of people will show his real name with the color gray.

You can share links photos from Flickr. Will appear on the right panel that displays thumbnails of the photos on Flickr album. Later when the image is opened, the slideshow will appear automatically. This feature is most attractive.

"." To do Refresh tweets. Currently, if there are new tweets will usually appear 14 new posts Home tweets below that must be clicked to open a new tweet. But this is made easier by simply pressing the ".". Twitter has also added another shortcut feature that the box can be opened with the "?".

New Twitter will change drastically in appearance. For general appearance can be seen on his own website NewTwitter. Or video can be seen here.


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