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Christina Aguilera Photos Circulating Shur

Christina Aguilera Photos Circulating ShurChristina Aguilera exciting photos circulating in the media. Blonde singer was shocked to see it. Therefore, the photo was a private collection.

In the photograph, seen Christina with short hair naked. His body was covered only by accessories such as chains that dangle from neck to thigh. Breast Fighter singer was clearly visible. Christina just covering her nipples with a round accessory.

Photos circulating since Wednesday, December 8, making Christina shocked. The reason, it is a personal collection of photos that are not demonstrated to the public.

"The photos Christina Aguilera who illegally leaked to the press, obtained by a hacker who entered through a personal stylist Christina account," said a spokeswoman Christina who launched Showbizspy, Thursday (12/09/2010).

The photographs, said the spokesman, is owned by Christina given to the stylist style. And there is no intention Christina bring the picture to the public.

"The actions of hackers and the press who bought the photo was very irresponsible and we will follow up. We try to discover the identity of the hacker and will pursue them. Their behavior is disgraceful," he continued.

Photos made one boy's mother before announcing separation from her husband, Jordan Bratman.