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Filming 'GLEE' Abruptly Terminated

Filming 'GLEE' Abruptly TerminatedGLEE-selling TV movie production suddenly stopped. Not because of a boycott or run out of money, but because most of the players feel unwell. The average among those suffering from sore tonsils. As a result, the production period that began this week December 6, 2010 had not been executed.

Should the actors and crew GLEE filming for a special episode that will air after AMERICAN SUPER BOWL 2011. Unfortunately, the plan was canceled abruptly because some people experience severe throat infection.

But this will not stop shooting long. According to EW.com, starting Monday (13/12), they can run back to the scene that will be aired in January 2011 was.

Until this news was revealed, it is unclear who the actors and actresses and film crew affected by thyroid disease mass.


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