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WikiLeaks: China Impressed with SBY

WikiLeaks: China Impressed with SBYWikiLeaks re-issue a U.S. Kedube leaked diplomatic note concerning Indonesia. This time the bill comes from the U.S. Embassy in China, which claims China is pleased with the leadership of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

WikiLeaks memorandum issued on December 12, then this is coded Beijing 00,001,448 coded "Clasified '. Contains U.S. Embassy official conversations with the two Chinese officials named Cui Tiankai and Hu Zhenyue.

Cui was then a deputy foreign minister in China, while Hu has served as assistant secretary of Asian Affairs.

In a document elaborated that the United States accept the condition that China can influence the general conditions of development in Indonesia. Hu said Beijing should be sensitive to the realities of power politics of ethnic Chinese in Indonesia.

"Beijing is not impressed with the president of Indonesia post-crisis economy in the late 1990s. But Beijing was impressed with the developments aimed at the President in power since 2004," Hu said as quoted by WikiLeaks.

Hu added that Jakarta now faces a temporary weakening of the military's influence in society democratization shot. "Beijing will promote secular Islam in Indonesia with Indonesian Muslims intensified interaction with the Chinese Muslims as much as 20 million.


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