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So Still Crying Blood Disease Mystery

Knoxville - This is the latest photo of teenage boy who was crying blood. Calvino Inman, 17, suffered a mysterious illness during the last two years.

Blood spurted from his eyes, if she could cry blood relapse up to one hour. Not just tears of blood, she now also "cold" blood, his nose continues to bleed like a nosebleed. Several doctors raised their hands above Inamn this strange disease.

Irma who settled in Knoxville, Tennessee today continues to be medically examined carefully. Doctors are still trying to figure out the cause of this mysterious disease, whether the tumor or because of genetic factors.

"Now the blood streaming from my eyes almost every time, at school, at home and when I sleep," said Inman, published on page Daily Mail yesterday. "Sometimes I did not realize it, I just know when people look at me, but sometimes I feel my eyes burning," he said.

Inman also said sometimes he felt very sore head. "As it is that hitting the head with a hammer to my left," he said. He's also hard to sleep at night, I could only lie without closing his eyes for hours.

Inman's mother, Tammy Mynatt also began frustrating. "It seems that the doctor also was desperate, they do not know what could I do," he said. Mynatt has brought Inman to 15 medical specialists from New York to Memphis but no results. "Now I can only pray there that could cure him." John Fleming, the expert eye of the Hamilton Eye Institute, Memphis recognize this disease still keep the mystery. But he kept trying to figure out and explore the cause. "Usually these cases happen because there are tears tract infection," he said. He never saw a patient who experienced a similar illness, bleeding for months but suddenly stopped without knowing why. In addition to Inman, in India also found a similar case. Rashida Begum, 27, wept blood since four years ago. He began to suffer from the disease after vomiting and experiencing severe headaches.

According to Begum's husband, Mohammed Aslam, 40, he has visited all the doctors in Patna, but have not produced results. In fact they also have spent 40 days praying at the temple.

After a few times in the news, Begum aid to flow. Medical Institute in New Delhi tried to find out and cure of this mysterious disease. "I am very grateful to a number of doctors trying to help, I've had enough with this disease."


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