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Own Mother pieces, Actors 'Ugly Betty' Arrested!

Own Mother pieces, Actors 'Ugly Betty' Arrested!Quite terrible news came from the Hollywood film industry. Ugly Betty actor and STEP UP 3-D, Michael Brea arrested for alleged murder did to his own mother. The killing was carried out by decapitating his mother with a 3 foot long samurai.

Because of this criminal action, the 31-year-old actor was arrested in Brooklyn on Tuesday (23/11) yesterday morning.

There is one thing that is strange about this bloody tragedy. When decapitate his mother, Michael had mumbled some religious sentences in their home in Brooklyn. When police arrived on scene at 2:20 AM, Brea was seen clutching a Bible. Scene is described as 'an area full of blood' by police.

After capturing Michael, the police took him to a nearby hospital for tests madness. Michael himself will be brought to the police station after the test is completed.

"I heard him chasing her into the house and he mumbled a few sentences in the Gospel. I heard him catch hold and I heard a very loud cry, so I told my father contacted the police, 911," explained one of his neighbor Michael.

A neighbor others claimed that they had heard a feeble call for Michael's mother who asks for help when the police tried to get into the house. Reportedly, it took about an hour to get through.


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