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Ghosts Hunted Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga uneasy staked out by a spirit named Ryan.

Whether this is only a hallucination or real, who clearly felt he had Buzzworthy followed curious spirit named Ryan. It felt had more than one week.

During the concert 'Monster's Ball Tour' in Ireland, Gaga always feel under surveillance and followed by a supernatural being who believed as a ghost. Chanter 'Bad Romance' is worried if the ghost will manifest themselves and follow it continuously.

These concerns also affected the entire crew who follow a tour of Lady Gaga. "He is constantly telling himself chased by a ghost. He said the ghost named Ryan and followed him along the tour," said one of the crew who revealed in the Daily Star.

Although Gaga is one who believes in spiritual things, but he was scared half to death. Gaga wish for the ghost Ryan quickly away from him.

"Gaga would like to request the help of a psychic to communicate with these spirits. He wanted to ask why the spirits that followed him and Gaga also want Ryan to leave," said the crew was, as quoted by Contact Music.


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