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Keeping trick Desire Night Snacking

Keeping trick Desire Night SnackingDo you have a habit mengucah snack in the middle of the night? Do you realize that it can disrupt the activity program slimming diet and exercise.

Midnight snacking habits of potential triggers weight gain. This is because your metabolism decreases when the night. Food that enters the body is not burned into energy, but stored as fat.

To curb the desire to snack at night, try to follow the following five tricks.

Kenyangkan stomach during the day

Fulfill your desire to eat during the day until full. Choose healthy and nutritious foods, like salad, nuts and low calorie foods. Eat little but often, because it will make full longer. Do not be afraid to eat the night, simply, reduce the amount of carbohydrate.


It may sound strange, but this trick worked quite well. Usually you will be lazy to eat again after a toothbrush.

Avoid temptation

Avoid passing the road, where mini subscription. When at home, avoid also view or open a cupboard to store food. By not see food, you can resist the desire to snack.


Divert your attention by calling a friend or chatting. Talk about exciting gossip, so focus your attention not on food. This is quite effective in suppressing the desire to find a snack.


Avoid sleeping late at night, because it requires energy. As a result, the body needs food. Sleep on time and do not be too late so you are not busy looking for food in the middle of the night.


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