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Examination protest at U.S. airport, a passenger Perform Action Clothes Off

Examination protest at U.S. airport, a passenger Perform Action Clothes OffWASHINGTON - A student has posted a video on the Internet that shows him stripped off one by one until the remaining only swimming trunks. This was done to protest the security measures at the airport in Salt Lake City, which he considers excessive.

The video was reportedly taken on Tuesday in front of airport security personnel. But an airport official reported similar protests on Wednesday.

In the video, an officer Transportation Security Administration (TSA) asked, "What are you doing?!"

"This is a safety precaution, man," replied the student. "Just make sure I do not have a problem."

"Put your shirt back!" audible tone of voice commands before the student tried to explain that he plans to dress after leaving the metal detector.

"Put your shirt back!" repeated agency.

He refused and told a TSA supervisor, "I saw on the TSA site and this (naked) means nothing to nothing."

The agent then tries to persuade that person to at least wear a shirt. "I will try another pose. Cool is not it?" he said.

Officials finally gave up and let him keep wearing her swimsuit.

Student identified only as Jimmy on his blog complaining about "silliness" of security procedures at U.S. airports.

On other days, according to airport spokeswoman Barbara Gann, a similar incident also occurred. Airport CCTV cameras capture images of a man in a bathing suit, boots, and hat was walking around the terminal. He even spent time outside the terminal in cold temperatures. "He was allowed to exercise freedom of speech," said Gann.

TSA did not see any reason to take action. "He's not a security threat," said TSA spokesman, Dwyane Baird, at the airport in Salt Lake. "We will have no reason to detain him."


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