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Natalie Portman Talk About Lesbian Scene

Natalie Portman Talk About Lesbian SceneIn his latest film, 'Black Swan', Natalie Portman bed scene with co-star Mila Kunis. In a film made by Darren Aronovsky result, the Portman perform in a play as a ballerina performing a same-sex love lesbian alias. Many pros and cons that come after the completion of this film produced. One of them is related to the sex scene played by Portman and Kunis. Many people think that scene was too wild.

Received sharp criticism about it, Portman felt the need to clarify the allegations. In an interview with V Magazine, Portman a lot of talk about that during the sex scenes are often portrayed in the film. According to him, he never saw it as something Nudity and vulgar. Rather he wanted the scene can be seen in art and artistic.

"I already know what I want, about what I like and do not. Especially for a sex scene that I often experienced," he said in UsMagazine.

Because of this movie, Portman also had argued and fought with his father, who did not agree he acted in a sexual scene. (Pets) See also: Most Expensive Diamond Auction, Rp413 Billion


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