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Making out on the beach, Pattinson - Stewart Expelled Police!

Making out on the beach, Pattinson - Stewart Expelled Police!Filming in Rio De Janeiro's apparently used by couples who are drunk love, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Surprisingly, both had reprimanded and forced to move by a policeman when caught making out on a beach.

As quoted by the Daily Star, the star of this TWILIGHT 'caught' was making out on Ipanema Beach in Rio De Janeiro in the middle of filming for this teen vampire movie sequel.

"The young couple are 'having fun' like other couples on the beach at night, but police drove them," said a source close to both these celebrities.

"For them, it is very difficult to go anywhere alone, so I guess they just want to have some romantic time together. Unfortunately, they immediately attract attention," he continued.

This source also stated that the police actually more worried about security of Robert and Christian in a public place, more than the 'beach scene' that do both.

"Afterwards, they were laughing remembering this incident, although they still looked embarrassed. Quite nice actually," added the same source.


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