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Researchers Dig Dead Sea Israel

Researchers Dig Dead Sea IsraelIsraeli researchers are conducting excavations under the Dead Sea. Sea of many told in history that stretched across three regions: Israel, Palestine and Jordan. The researchers were digging to trace the history of this earth during the last 500,000 years.

As reported by Telegraph.co.uk, these scientists have begun excavation by drilling far below the Dead Sea.

Penggeboran was conducted to examine the sediment layers millions of years old. Hopefully, the sediments that can give clues about many things, such as shifting weather patterns, seismic activity and climate change in his day.

"Sediment is to give the 'archive' geological environment in this area in the past," said researcher Academy of Sciences and Humanities Israel.

'Pieces thin' about Earth's history will be extracted through the drill hole as deep as 1,200 meters drilled by a special rig. The position of the drilling was in a small bay north of the Dead Sea.

Once extracted, the layer of soil samples will be examined with high-resolution technology. From this sediment, the researchers hoped to get clues about Earth's environmental changes at that time.

In fact, the sediment was estimated to be able to give detailed information about bad weather or a major seismic activity in his time. Could also provide insights about human migration within and outside the region.

"We believe that the outcome of this project will have broad implications in the fields of science and the environment. And will explain the new natural resources," Zvi Ben-Abraham, a professor at Tel Aviv University.

The project is sponsored by the International Continental Drilling Program, a group that 'hobby' to explore the earth's crust in other locations around the world. Hopefully, this project can run until the end of the year.


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