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Pilgrimage to the Tomb of Harry Potter

Pilgrimage to the Tomb of Harry PotterA funeral in Israel the arrival of a group of fans of Harry Potter, who came to visit the tomb of a man who was also named Harry Potter.

Pvt Harry Potter used to be a UK soldier killed in a battle in 1939. At that time he was 18 years old, but in his tomb was written 19 years because he confessed a year older when you signed up in the army.

Said a tour guide in the city of Ramle, there was no relationship between the soldiers of Harry Potter by JK Rowling figure. "But the name was sold," he said, as reported by Yahoo! Movies UK & Ireland.

Pilgrimage to the tomb of the fans since it began five years ago, and the increasingly popular after the tomb was listed in an online site (online) tourism. "If you do not say Harry Potter is buried here, there is a will here," said Tel Aviv resident, Josef Peretz.


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