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Jet Lag Can Make Stupid

Jet Lag Can Make Stupid

Do you travel a lot and fly through different time zones, continue to find it difficult to think normal? Or do you feel you or a friend who just returned from overseas rather disconnected if invited to chat? A research proves, can cause jet lag was not a good effect on intelligence and memory.

A study presented at the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience last Monday found that the hamster experiments that are jet-lag is extreme and chronic actually has the ability to learn a slump and low memory.

Not only on intelligence, according to Erin Gibson, a researcher from the University of California, Berkeley, jet-lag is also a serious threat to health. This study shows that people are the type of work requires her to frequently change his sleep pattern has the potential high risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer.

Gibson and his colleagues make a specific schedule for this experiment hamsters by advancing the schedule for the animals day and night for six hours every three days in a period of almost a month. "Much like increased flights from New York to Paris every three days," he told Wired.com. The total number of sleep the hamster is actually unchanged, but the hours get up and sleep really changed.

So if you frequently travel far away on an airplane, do not forget too often read books to stay smart and not forgetful ...


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