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Revealed, Murder 1700 Years Ago?

Revealed, Murder 1700 Years Ago?A 1700-year-old Egyptian mummy kept a mystery. Anyone identity of the mummy, he is thought to have died unnaturally.

The mummy was a little boy who lived about 350 years before Christ. Last Saturday, the scientists doing the scan (scan) to find out the gender.

Initially, in the first test 17 years ago, mummies stored at the Museum of Saffron Walden in Essex, England allegedly as young boys.

X-ray test done after Dr Christina Riggs, of the University of East Anglia examined the mummy.

He said the tape is wrapped mummy is similar to tape used to wrap the female mummy in Thebes in the same relative time period.

Later, the scans revealed he most likely was a little girl.

Not only that, the X-ray scanning at Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge, England, reveals a dark secret. The boy might have died in pathetic.

Investigation says, boy sex has never been ascertained that it had broken bones in the skull and broke his neck before he died.

Expert radiography nerve, Halina Szutowicz suspect, the boy was killed.

Still, "this could be due to a fall or accident, as is common in child mortality. But we can not decide," he said as the Daily Mail published.

However, "there are many injuries that may lead to death of this child. We're not sure, but we have a hunch. We are still waiting for radiological opinion before announcing the result for sure."

The scientists feel lucky to do a scan on mummy's body. "It's very special, to be this close to something very ancient," added Szutowicz.


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