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10 coffee cups Facts for the National Coffee Day

Today is National Day of coffee. A day to celebrate the drink that many people can not start their day without it. There are many shops, like Dunkin 'Donuts, which distributes free or discounted coffee today, but before I go to get your cup o "Joe, here are some interesting facts about coffee.

  • Looking dancing goat coffee. Now, farmers in Ethiopia notice that they get all nervous sheep after eating beans, so they decided to try it themselves.

  • Food before drinking coffee. Before looking for ways to make coffee, they used to eat. Oat reports that African tribes used to eat a "ball of energy, coffee beans and fat.

  • Coffee grows on trees. I've never seen, but the coffee tree can grow in high 30ft. Farmers cultivate coffee tree about 10 meters.

  • A "cup of Joe." It was first coined during World War II. Army, known as "Joe" is identified as a major coffee business.

  • Only two types of coffee trees are widely grown. 70% of the world drinks coffee Arabica coffee trees. The rest of the tree of Robusta coffee.

  • The Coffee Herritage., There is only one product to list more than coffee. Oil.

  • A coffee tree. It lasts about 5 years to mature. Results from the annual average coffee tree only enough to roast coffee £ 1.

  • Americano. Coffee is another term coined during the Second World War. American troops will be reserved espresso with water to reduce bitterness.

  • Coffee. Used as a drink for about 700 years. Instant coffee was discovered in 1906 by George Washington, but not that of George Washington. People who think instant coffee from Belgium.

  • Gomestic reported that an average of 1.4 billion cups of coffee are consumed every day worldwide.


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