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Wikileaks leaks: Anwar Ibrahim was framed

Kuala Lumpur: The problem seems to never stop from Anwar Ibrahim. As such there are certain scenarios that are addressed directly to Malaysia's opposition leader. Two cases relating to serious sexual problems. The first, cases of sodomy accusations addressed to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was deliberately set.

Whistle-blower site WikiLeaks reveals data on high-level conspiracy that was addressed to former Malaysian deputy prime minister. Central news world proclaim, on Wednesday (6 / 4), WikiLeaks reveals that Australian intelligence agencies report to the United States about the Anwar case is intentionally made ​​to trap him. Anwar's sodomy case which had dragged decorate media in Malaysia and Singapore last year.

In the report WikiLeaks, Former Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew also revealed that the sodomy case happened to Anwar is engineering. Former assistant to Anwar, Saiful Bukhari Azlan, has received a fee for a false witness in this case.

The case of Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy allegations still hang over the court. Now the second issue, the case of the sex video that was mentioned perpetrators are similar to those of the opposition leader. This case appears suddenly, there was no rain and no wind.


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