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War in Oil City

War in Oil City
BREAGA, Fierce fighting forces Libyan leader, Moammar Qaddafi, against the opposition and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) took place in the city of Brega oil, on Tuesday (05/04/2011). Qaddafi is still a strong loyalist and opposition pushed out of the city. That battle on the day keenam.Kota Libyan ports and oil producers are controlled by loyalists to Qaddafi after they seized from opposition forces, Thursday. Since then, by utilizing the help of NATO air strikes, opposition continued to fight for re-Brega, but always failed.

Tuesday morning, targeting rocket base loyalist opposition stronghold in the eastern city gate. Pickup truck fitted with tanks and machine guns or rocket launchers opposition owned burning. Smoke rises. Opposition forces made topsy-turvy.

They ran out of the city scattered under the pouring fire rockets, grenades, and heavy artillery weapons from loyalists. Opposition was pushed back as far as 5 kilometers to the east Brega, toward Ajdabiya. This incident is the first defeat of the opposition in their battle for six days at Brega.

The members of the opposition forces, according to AFP, was pulled back hundreds of their vehicles towards Ajdabiya, 80 miles from Benghazi, a stronghold of opposition defenses in eastern Libya. This incident as well as a step forward though loyalists continued to pressure the air strikes by NATO forces.

The opposition was very poor in terms of weaponry. Not to spread about the latest casualties in the fighting that. Many families in the town of Brega ran and drove their cars to save themselves, also to the east.

"Brega almost empty. There are only a small number of men and boys to keep their homes, "said Sami Ali, the population of Brega. "Our people (opposition) is on the east of the city, but Qaddafi forces opened fire on them from the west," he said.

Qaddafi loyalist troops dare not out of town, for example, to the middle of the desert, to fight for fear of attacks targeted the NATO alliance. Qaddafi change strategies and tactics against the opposition attack which was very limited in resources. Opposition forces made up of newly trained volunteers who hold weapons and very few trained.

Besides in Misrata, Qaddafi also loyalists attacking with heavy weapons and Sarir Misla oilfield, 400 km south of the city of Ajdabiya. Misla and Sarir oilfield supply crude to Tobruk, which is oil refining town 150 km west of the Libyan-Egyptian border. Tobruk, which exports 700,000 from 1.6 million barrels of Libyan oil production per day prior to the crisis, controlled by the opposition.

Qaddafi's military action in attacking the oil fields in a bid to prevent the opposition could sell oil to international markets. After the Transitional National Council (TNC), a container of political opposition, international attention to the increasingly intense opposition.

In western Libya, Qaddafi loyalists kept pounding the city Misrata, 200 km east of Tripoli. The city is surrounded from three directions, namely east, south and west. Thus, Qaddafi troops still remain fangs though 30 percent of NATO's strength has been destroyed. A number of snipers Qaddafi continued to occupy the roof of several buildings in Tripoli.


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