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Failure to Appear on American Idol, Ex-Husband Blame J-LO

Former husband Jennifer Lopez (J-LO), Ojani Noa, very disappointed not to be a participant of American Idol. Though he had prepared his ex-wife to the song sung in the event that one of his jurors was the J-LO.

Noa, said the closest source, as reported by Radar Online, Friday (24/09/2010), J-LO blame for these failures. He said he could not appear in the talent show because of her diva demands.

"J-LO'm sure Fox will not let Ojani participate adudisi. And Fox was convinced Ojani will not appear and when he is desperate to join American Idol he will be jailed," said the source.

Rejection of American Idol is obviously very embarrassing Ojani. Men who had been J-Lo's husband for 1 year were eager to demonstrate his talents as a singer.

"He wants to show his voice and wants people to know that he also can sing," continued the source.

American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest, on Wednesday (22/09/2010) and then officially announced Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler will occupy the seat left by the previous judges Simon Cowell, Kara DioGuradi and Ellen DeGeneres.

J-LO was married to Ojani in 1997, after meeting after starring in the movie Selena. When was the Diva indeed is shining brightly. But the marriage lasted only 1 year.

After the wedding the couple's former rivals in the courts because of the sex video. In 2009, J-Lo won a lawsuit for U.S. $ 10 million or approximately USD 94 billion. The court also requires Ojani Noa to delay publishing his sex video with Lopez.


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