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6 Motorcycle Gang Members to be suspect

BANDUNG - Unit Criminal Polrestabes Bandung, Munggu, set up six motorcycle gang members become suspects linked to cases of destruction of the cafe and other facilities on the Road Cihampelas when two motorcycle gang clashes after celebrating his birthday in Subang, Saturday night.

The six members of the gang are now undergoing intensive investigation, while hundreds of other members already diipulangkan because there was not enough evidence.

"Of the 682 inspected motorcycle gang who now lives six gangs that are still checked intensively. They are a strong indication to vandalism and abuse, "said the Head of Public Relations Polrestabes Bandung, Endang Sri Kompol, when contacted by reporters on Sunday evening.

He mentioned, in addition to securing 682 associated with it recorded 21 cases of female gang members or gang Heroine been arrested. Medium motorbike carrying 371 units, "he said.

On the other hand Endang admit, in a massive operation against motorcycle gangs clashed on the Road Cihampelas, hundreds of police descended and then do the sweeping. The result, in addition to hundreds of gang arrested also, dozens of weapons seized. Based on the report, he continued, recorded dozens of hammer, cleaver, cutter, rivet, double sticks, chains, sticks baseball, and hundreds of large head size belt that can be used to persecute people, also secured. "While the motor is seized nearly 70 percent of their motor bulging," he said.

Reported, thousands of motorcycle gang members clashed on the Road Cihampelas Bandung, after having his birthday celebration in Subang Regency Subang, West Java. The aftermath of the clashes, a number of public facilities in Cihampelas damaged. Hundreds of police officers who descended successfully brushing sediktinya 200 members of motorcycle gangs clashed.


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