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Human toothed fish caught in U.S.

An angler in the United States absurdly surprised when the fish caught that, even bite hard. He, of course, scream and after reviewed this fish-like teeth bite humans.

As reported by web.orange.co.uk edition of 24 September 2010, Frank Yarborough was fishing on Lake Wylie, South Carolina. Not long ago threw the hook, a fish bites the bait and get caught.

Frank absurdly excited because the fish are caught is really great. The color is dark and weighs about 5 pounds with nearly half a meter long. Yarborough suspect it is a catfish.

He also put his hand into the water to retrieve the fish. However, he felt shocked and screamed as loud as didigit bite humans. After review it was rada rare fish. Diamemiliki teeth such as incisors, molars, and fangs like those of humans. Unlike the fish in the lake in general.

Rare fish was caught and taken home. Yarborough not thought to fry. Until now still stored in the refrigerator.

Biologists believe the fish may be brought up in an exotic pool. Robert Stroud, a freshwater fishery biologist Department of Natural Resources in South Carolina, has confirmed the existence of the fish samples. Fish samples were sent to determine what kind of mysterious fish species.

Stroud told WBTV: "Maybe this fish is a species with pomfret, which allegedly originated from the Amazon River basin of South America. This type of fish is quite common in the environment of ornamental fish."

Pomfret is still a close relative with ferocious fish in the Amazon River, Piranha. Piranha is a warm water fish species and not native to Lake Wylie.


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