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Iran Refuses Invitation Barack Obama

TEHRAN - Iran rejected the invitation of President Barack Obama, American leaders who viewed Tehran as "international criminals", for resolving differences. Obama's rejection of the invitation was delivered by Chairman of the Iranian Parliament, Ali Larijani, quoted by ISNA news agency on Saturday.

"How dare Obama announced that he wanted to help the nation of Iran. He must know that he was an international outlaw," he said during a visit to the city of Shiraz. Ali said the American people are showing the action that deserves a "medal of depravity".

"Obama should know that Iran does not need the message. What we need is to be able to trust the words," he said.

Ali Larijani delivered his remarks a day after Obama told BBC Parsi language section that the door is still open for diplomacy with Iran over its nuclear dispute with the citizens of the world. For the U.S., their strong preference is to resolve the issue diplomatically, the U.S. leader said.

"Our strong preference is to resolve these issues diplomatically. I think it represents the interests of Iran and the international community," he said.

According to Obama, Iran remains likely but necessary changes in the mindset of government. The relationship Tehran and Washington continued to be problematic since Mahmoud Ahmadinejad pesiden in 2005 and developed a nuclear program. Ahmadinejad, who had delivered a speech at the UN General Assembly said, Iran is open for new nuclear talks.


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