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Rest often Danger For Pregnant Women?

Rest often Danger For Pregnant Women?Feeling tired and carrying heavy loads on the abdomen is often complained about the women who were the two entities. So often many of them have always wanted to lay down in bed.

But the new study conducted by a nurse revealed that too much rest and too often lay down on the mattress turned out to have a negative impact for women who are pregnant.

Judith Maloni, a professor at the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing from Case Western Reserve University, said a comprehensive study was conducted based on 70 research evidence has been disclosed in the article that reveals whether a healthy break for the mother or baby.

Too much rest for those who were pregnant at risk of causing premature contractions and other pregnancy problems like high blood pressure, the potential for blood clots or bleeding, which may be experienced within a few days or several months.

"Over time, remaining in a resting position can lead to bone loss and muscle atrophy," Maloni said as quoted by the Times of India.

Not only that, if the expectant mother is less activity and more leisure activities in bed for almost 24 hours a day, also at risk of triggering depression, and it is feared could lead to premature contractions that can result in premature birth.


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