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Bored in the Bedroom?

Over time, the sexual life of husband and wife sometimes go flat. Various kinds of cause, could be because of the many problems in the family until the affairs of the workplace.

But, relax. Reduced warmth sexual life, it does not mean everything has ended. This problem can be revived. Use the following tips and suggestions to improve your spontaneity and your partner back in the bedroom, quoted from She Knows.

- Dress

If you usually sleep just wearing ordinary clothes, from now on try to wear your sexiest outfit, such as red lingerie. Show off your curves.

The red color will also give you the psychological effect on your confidence and make your partner tempestuous spirit.

- Try something new

One of the best ways to inflame your passion and your partner is presenting something new in the bedroom, for example new sex positions. New experiences on the bed, of course, will create a new sensation as well.

- Bathing together

During this time you and your partner may be too busy working and raising children so it can not create new experiences, such as bathing together.

This method may also be tried. You and your partner try to shower with the shower or soak in the bath tub. Sensation that will appear, make sure you both tempestuous spirit and continues on the bed.


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