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South Korean Army General of the First Women's Haven

Seoul - South Korean Army has the first female soldier who held the rank of General on Thursday when a female soldier to receive the increase in rank, said the South Korean Defense Ministry.

Army Col. Song Myung-soon of the unity of the Joint Chiefs of Staff promoted to Brigadier General, according to the ministry.

South Korean military once had five-General since 2001, but it all comes from the nurse corps.

"Over the years many of my seniors who worked hard to increase the power of women and now there will be more opportunities for around 5,000 female soldiers in the military," said Song told reporters.

"I think this promotion and advancement is a reward for another woman who will take the road to success and to their hard efforts," he said.

52-year-old Song was commissioned in the Women's Army Corps in 1981 after he graduated from Yeungnam University with a degree in political science and international relations, he also has a degree in national security from Kyonggi University.

He later served as special forces commander and battalion commander in the Army Women's Corps and had been undergoing a career in the Joint Forces Command.

The first woman to become a high-ranking general officer in South Korea is Brig Yang Seung-sook, a former Chief of the Armed Forces Nursing Academy which was promoted in 2001 and then retired in 2004.

"There are still many areas for women to train their ability in the current era of modern combat," said Song. "I believe that women in uniform not only has a role in his homeland but also abroad," he said.

"Change of position today is a turning point in the military, I think the military would consider hiring more female soldiers in the right position to create synergies," said Song.


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