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Convert Bitmap Into Vector Website

I will introduce what I find in internet many times ago, when I wanna search about vector graphic. I have many of bitmap image and I wanna make it bigger. Because I wanna make print it in a billboard that has a huge size. So, I must have high resolution picture.

After I search in google, unlucky I can't find the big one. I only has a small and poor image. So, I need somebody to redraw it and make it clear and scalable. And finally, I found this website: http://ndopart.blogspot.com

Yeah, I feel so happy when I order to that website. He is doing good job. I have finished to put my logo in a huge billboard with no broken pixel. To thank full with that website, I just put the his banner in my sidebar. You can check the yellow banner with two eyes in bitmap style and vector style.


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