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How I started making $20 a day from Adsense with no Work? + How I flip for $200 a piece per blog.

This method is still at early stages, but last 3 months its been making me $20-25 a day with almost no work. The method is bold because in the past many have tried it but failed because of one reason and that is people never knew how to exploit this whole system through Google it self. Here is the layout of the system.
  1. Overview
  2. Create the Blog
  3. Put up the articles
Blackhat touches ---

Part 1

Before you start with the system, you have to know one thing that this darn thing works and it works like magic. I know many have tried to use it in the past but it has not worked out because every single person tried the method on their domain. Where as in my system you actually never ever start a domain and you use Bloggers.com blogs and you will know why. It takes 5 minute to setup and at the end I will tell you why we will be using Bloggers Blog and not our own domains. Further I will show you how to get articles and bypass all the filters. There will be a blackhat method shared for 100% unique articles and 2nd method that would just teach you how to get articles within minutes. At the end I will show you, how these blogs make money and how to sell them for quick $150+ on sitepoint to make even more.

Part 2
Creating the Blog First and foremost, go to www.google.com and get yourself a NEW google account. I REPEAT new google account do not use your main google account or one with lots of blogs in it, create a new one, it takes around 2 minutes to get a Google account and another 2 minutes to setup a bloggers account. When asked about your blog URL, make sure you come up with something sound and not crazy, check at samples at the end to get an idea. Once you have your blog, make sure you select a super SIMPLE
template from the list not a fancy one. You will see why in a minute.

Head over to http://statcounter.com/ and create a statcounter account or if you already have one then use that. I almost always use StatCounter to track visitors but you can use Google and I recommend using Google Analytics if you are going to be selling this on sitepoint later on. Once you have it setup, make sure you go to settings and change the settings to display 1 post per page. Also fill up the description section of the blog. Remember all of the blogs will be news blogs, basically blogs will talk about what is happening around, that should give you an idea what to pick up as your blog name and also what would be a good description for your blog based on that.

Part 3
Now comes the big thing, where to get the articles from, well this will be the easy part, because what we want is traffic and quick traffic without wasting time on Directory Submission or Blog Submission or some other stuff. The fastest way to get traffic to your blog is to put articles on topics that are hot in the blogosphere and around the internet. Then you will not only get Google Bot activity over you blog and crazy indexing but you will also get Traffic from Google like you have never seen it before.

Remember those days when people built blogs based on the Google Trends? Well it actually worked and people actually did make tens and thousands of dollar, it still works but the primary issue is that after certain hours google stop sending you traffic and puts up the actual source at number one spot.

What happens is that if you write about something that is searched a lot online at a given day, you will get at least 500 uniques because almost everything hot out there gets millions of searches within hours and each searches type different thing thus you get just a tiny bit of that traffic to your blog and i will show you how to go to a whole new level and get even more traffic then what would a set and forget kind of blog will get.

Now you know, that your blog is basically about latest news, anything hot out there will be on your blog. But then it means if you want traffic you will have to put the article on your blog and you cannot just go and copy paste it. Well actually you can, contrary to popular belief that duplicate content hurts, let me tell you something INTERNET IS A DUPLICATE CONTENT ITSELF. CNET puts a review about a gadget, then another popular gadget blog copies the same thing, then another blog copies of it and then another blog does the same and its a chain reaction, so one blog copies all the others copy it, not only these blogs are high ranking blogs but they also make money from it even though its just a copy paste, further the net it self is a DUPE, search for "Home Decor" and you will get millions of result and all of the sites are basically the same its just that one guy went a bit further and got lucky and is dominating that niche. That being said, do not worry about duplicate content because I will show you how to get around with it.

First of all, you must know what is hot in the news, remember we do not care about what is in the news, we want to know what is hot news that is being searched a lot, like remember what happened at the start of 2008? When there was this big news that prostitutes were making around $5000/hr, the news was so hot that I had an exact copy of the article copied from CNN and I received over 8000 Uniques that day and tons next few days and made well over $100 just in adsense. Now you know what is a hot news? Where to get these hot news?

Well there are few places to get these hot news, first of all, Google Trends, that thing works trust me, it actually sends you a lot of traffic if you write on a topic that is hot in trends on that given day. No matter what you will get traffic. But not everything in Google Trends actually gets you traffic, most of the time some stuff in trends are just plain BS and gets you nothing and is total waste of time. In order to see what is really working over Google trends is to give a quick check at these following websites.

  • http://www.drudgereport.com/
  • http://buzz.yahoo.com/
  • http://www.prweb.com
  • http://www.free-press-release.com/

Drudgereport basically lists all the latest news around that is hot, you can just copy their stuff and put it in your blog. Yahoo Buzz is another great place, almost anything hot in buzz section is something to blog about, because you will get tons and tons of traffic from all over the world. In a minute I will teach you how to actually get passed the dupe filter anyways. The 2 other places I have mentioned are Press Release websites, what is cool about these websites it that, everything on frontpage are all hot, which means if you blog about them, you will get traffic and traffic and traffic means cash from adsense. Thus the above mentioned Press Release sites are a good place to get press releases as well. Now how to bypass the dupe filter :), very very easy, if you have 10-20 hours spare time to do the research then do the following otherwise read what I have to say about it afterwards, anyways, if you have time and I do mean 10-20 hours then you should head over to the following websites..

  • http://gizmodo.com/
  • http://www.cnet.com/
  • http://www.engadget.com/

Once you are on these websites, check out their daily posting, you will find that they are almost all identical and the only difference is that, after the basic specification of each gadget these sites have given 3-4 lines comment about the gadget and thats it, and mind you gizmod and engadget gets millions of uniques a day. Now check out their posts and after that do some blog search over Google blog search and then some other direct google search on their topics, you will soon realize that there are tens and thousands of other blogs and websites that have copied their exact review and have only added another 1-2 lines of their own rank and further you will realize that almost all of these websites have good ranking and getting good traffic. Check their compete ranking, alexa ranking and google traffic, they will give you an idea of their estimated traffic. In worst worst case blogs that copy their content get around 5,000 uniques a month and from what I have seen with my ad placements you can earn as much as $200 per 5000 uniques, do the math if you have multiple blogs on different topics of latest news, like latest hot news blog on sports, or science or games or something else. A good example of this kind a chain work is http://alltechnoblog.com/ , if you check out this blog it is EXACT copy paste, but this blogger has made one mistake, STUPID ad placement and further using his own domain rather than bloggers.com blog. You will know why Bloggers.com blog basically ROCKS BIG TIME. So what did you learn? Basically internet is a chain of websites that runs on same content and most are basically dupe as well in a sense if you look at them. To make your copy paste material unique, all you have to do is add another 5-6 lines of your bullshit rant and it will bypass the filters. Everytime you copy an article, at the start of article put your own view about the article and WRITE WHATEVER YOU WANT and I mean it, the more stupid the better, once you have 5-6 lines and then the article your post is unique almost 90% unique.

ur bullshit rant...............
copy paste article......................

thats it, and this is unique article, do not worry about anything. Now why did we choose bloggers over our own domain? SIMPLE SORE TRUTH, Google.com owns bloggers and you get all the highest paid ads of a niche on bloggers blog that you cannot get on your own domain. A classic example of this would be to setup a software review blog over bloggers.com and over a domain and then having same content over both of them, get 100 unique visitors to both blogs and after you will see that bloggers.com blog will show $30+ clicks, one click will go as high as $30 sometimes in some niches, I know gambling goes as high as $50 a click over blogger which never ever happens if someone clicks the gambling ad on your own domain. Now you know a good secret, if good ad placements if good traffic then Bloggers blog will earn you a lot more than your own domain, further its all setup, all you have to do is copy and paste and add lines.

If you want to go a setup further, everytime you copy paste just submit your story to digg.com as well, do not shout it to friends or others just submit it. This is only recommended for those that have shitty digg accounts and are never active. If you are a power digger and you are always active then do not take this action as you will get your blog banned, because when you are power digger everything you submit gets a good amount of diggs thus you might get your blog banned if you keep submitting over digg while you are power digger.

Part 4

How to pick up more niches and how to keep those blogs up2date. Now you have a blog about general news and it is doing good, now it is time to create other bloggers blog again on different Google accounts because if you want to sell your blogs on sitepoint later you will have to have different google accounts for each so that you can pass the username and password to the winner. Anyways your general news blog can be up2date with almost no work, everyday check out the sites mentioned and copy paste the material with your rant and then Digg them. Keep an eye on your earnings and how it goes, if you mind that it is touching only 10-20 a day then may it is time to sell it and focus on one that is actually generating a lot of income.

Particular Niches are easy to Keep an eye on. In this example I will go over Sports, say your new blog is all about sports news and stuff, your primary sources can be the sites mentioned earlier as you can check what is hot in sports but you can also go to some other websites such as ESPN which is all about sports and I recommend that site. But if you really wanna go a step further and have a blog with tons and tons and tons of articles and latest news around the world that is not even on ESPN then go to this url - http://www.google.com/alerts and in search term put Sports, and then select type now there are 6 types of ways google will alert, so make sure you have yourself setup for all 6 types of the alerts and make the settings so that it alerts you everyday. Make a different email for this process as you will be getting emails. Once you have signed up, this crazy google service will actually alert you every day about latest stuff on the topic of sports, not many use Google Alert but it is basically one of the most hardcore tools of Google that is free and that is destructive if used correctly. Setup everything and now everyday you will get alerts, everytime you get it you know the process, copy paste add your rant and post it.


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