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Between Edit HTML and Compose in New Post Blogger

When we wanna post something in blogspot (blogger.com), we usually prefer the easier way. For people who don't have knowledge about HTML, they prefer choose Compose tab to Edit HTML. Just because it easy without thinking how HTML goes.

For me, I like to choose Edit HTML. Not because I'm expert in HTML language, but I just like the simple form. In Edit HTML, we can feel free to put image. Just put the code HTML. We can copy the HTML code from another. We usually have to remember the basic HTML like put an image, make a link, align left image, blockquote, etc. Because we usually use that HTML in every time we post.

In Compose area, I usually find that the image is going somewhere. When I wanna make it align left, the image is still there. And then I try to check the HTML code. Infact the HTML code is very much words. There are several code that is not necessary like margin-left, class. I think that is too much code, I don't know why blogger.com use that much code.

I think we can make it simple code. Just use "a href" and "/a" to make the image is linking to somewhere image bigger and then between that code, we online put "img src". And that's it! I usually crop the image fit to the post width. Then I just use img src code to put it in a post. SO, I don't need to link the image into the large one.


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