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Enjoying My New Vector Style

Yesterday, I enjoyed doing new vector style. That was Wedha's Pop Art Portrait. I found that style is from my friend on facebook. My friend is tagged a photo by someone and then I opened that picture because for me it was a brilliant creation. When I saw the picture, I feel so challenged.

So, I add friend all the profile pictures that contain the artwork. And then one day left, someone confirm my friend invitation. So, I started to make new creation. After 4 hours tracing vector with a new style, then I upload it to my facebook album.

One day left, I got some comments, and he said that my creation is pretty good. I feel so happy that day. And then I read the next comments. I've got constructive comments. I have to fix this and that. OK, I will do that later.

The next vector, I got better comments. So, I will focus on this vector style to get used to it. So, Hope that I will do better and better.

You can see my new vector album on facebook here. Thank you and don't forget to leave a comment. ;)


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