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4 Strategy To Look More Slender Body

You do not have to do an extreme diet to look more svelte. With some tricks you can appear more slender than usual. Charla Krupp, author of "How to Look Fat" Never Again ", giving the four simple tricks you can do.

1. Buy a new bra

The most easily done in order to appear more svelte woman is buying a new bra. According to Krupp nearly eighty-five percent of women use the bra with sizes and models that are less fit. This makes the breast is lower than it is and give the impression his body became bigger.

Choose a bra that fits and matches your body shape. The main goal is to create as much space as possible between waist and chest so that your body appear more slender. Do not be shy to ask the salesman to get the right bra.

2. V Neck

In choosing a model for upper neck, V neck is the most appropriate choice. V shape narrowed, would give the impression more slender. But make sure the skin around the neck and chest manicured and not dry.

3. Corset

You will look slimmer if you highlight the curve of the body. To obtain the curve of your body, use a corset or innards that make up the body. Choose a comfortable material so that you feel at home using it. May initially feel uncomfortable, but too long will get used.

4. Show off legs

Exhibit can also make your legs look slimmer. Use subordinate or pants that fit, so the focus view of people falling on your beautiful feet. Do not forget to use a moisturizer for the feet look pretty and shiny


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