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Clouds Heat Out, Residents Panic Merapi Slopes

Sleman - Until 19:00 pm, cloud bursts of heat (wedhus gembel) Mount Merapi still ongoing. Very powerful blast of hot clouds. When spraying, the height of the hot cloud had reached a height of 1.5 KM.

Due to this burst of hot clouds, rain, dust and then flushed the area of the slopes of Merapi. Even the dust in the area of Kaliurang, Sleman, Yogyakarta, was very concentrated.

The residents previously Kaliurang still survive in the area, about 5 KM from the top of Merapi, a direct jump to the rallying point of evacuation, when she heard sirens sounded. Their clothes were filled with volcanic ash. Citizens also appear white hair filled with dust.

The vehicles are down from Kaliurang also shrouded volcanic ash. In fact, glass-thick windshield looks dusty.

Until tonight, the atmosphere in Kaliurang Road still looks crowded. The process of evacuation of citizens Kaliurang into refugee camps are still ongoing. The residents who evacuated are also already using a mask.

Merapi hot cloud was estimated temperature 600 degrees Celsius. Therefore, the hot cloud is considered very dangerous. About three districts on the slopes of Merapi in the district of Sleman district must be empty. (Ash / Gah)

Sleman - burst of hot clouds (wedhus gembel) Mount Merapi to make citizens Kaliurang, Sleman regency panic. Siren Early Warning System (EWS) sounds blaring. While the more intense rain ash and sulfur smell the sting.

Merapi began spewing hot clouds at about 17:02 and 17:30 GMT, Tuesday (26/10/2010). Until around 18:45 pm, a blast wedhus gembel still occur.

Volcanic dust before spraying has also been flying in the area Kaliurang, about 5 KM from the peak of Merapi. With the decline wedhus trash, dust rain increasingly concentrated. The smell of sulfur is also getting stung.

Since known wedhus trash out of the summit of Merapi, EWS tool directly reads. Hearing the sound of the alarm was, people were fighting and ran toward the freight-transport evacuation. SAR officers who have been idle in Kaliurang then distribute masks, because the more dense dust and the smell of sulfur getting stung.

Until now, the evacuation process is still being conducted. Most of the residents were evacuated to refugee aid post in the village of Hargobinangun, Pakem.

Meanwhile, before wedhus trash pop, heavy rains had flushed the Yogyakarta and Sleman. When the eruption occurred, the peak of Merapi is still shrouded in fog and the atmosphere is very dark.


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