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Make Women Have Smarter Children

The process of giving birth turned out to make a woman more intelligent. Research from Yale University team, the United States shows, the gray area in the female brain, which develops information processing function of each week and each month after a woman giving birth.

The process also makes the mother who is still acting kind of childish experience 'biggest explosion' on brain cells. Changes in these brain areas usually only occurs after a period of intense learning, brain injury and illness.

It is estimated that hormonal changes are also associated with a 'super brain' when caring for infants. This helps prepare the women to be able to face challenges when caring for children.

While memory impairment that is often experienced by new mothers is also explained by the simple. Namely, because of their lack of sleep that is often difficult to focus and concentrate.

Researchers consisting of experts neural brain scan just a group of mothers who gave birth a few weeks. Research shows the number of gray areas to increase, although small but significant enough each time for three to four months.

The area is central to the development of motivation, reasoning, assessment, processing emotions, a sense of satisfaction and key in the close relationship between mother and child.

Expansion of the brain on the 'area of motivation' according to the researchers, makes a woman more intelligent in the care and nurturing, which will help babies survive and grow physically, emotionally and cognitively. The study found, mothers who have a strong bond with his son, has developed a gray area in the brain big enough


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