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After the Kiss, Teenage Girls Killed Instantly

London: A British girl was killed instantly after kissing her lover for the first time. Allegedly girl named Jemma Benjamin was killed by a rare heart disease suffered.

Crate metro.co.uk site launched on Thursday (10 / 2), a doctor who investigates cases of death Jemma said that the 18-year-old girl stricken with Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS). Although it sounds strange, but the syndrome can be claimed 500 lives every year in the UK. Until now there has been no health expert who can explain the causes of this deadly syndrome.

Jemma lover, Daniel admitted shocked by the incident. Daniel said Jemma suddenly collapsed and convulsing after she kissed him.

"I called her mother to ask if he has epilepsy. Her mother said no. I panicked and immediately contact the nearest hospital," said Daniel.

Unfortunately when the ambulance arrived, Jemma has breathed his last.


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