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Talk About Blogsvertise and Content Review Writer

I join blogsvertise because of my friend tell me about that. She gets a lot of money every month by join that program. Blogsvertise is a paid review broker that provide review job for blogger. So, if you have a blog like me, you can join blogsvertise right now. But before you join, you have to optimize your blog and get minimum PR2. If you just have a blog PR 0 or even only N/A, you will get zero job.

After your blog get PR2 or above, you can join blogsvertise. Don't forget to set your category into General. Because based on my experience, General category is often get review job rather than other category.

Talking about review job. It's simple and easy. You just write about the keyword and anchor link. You just learn a little story about the link sites and write your self version. You do not allow to copy and paste content from that website. So, be original.

But nowadays, we can find a lot of review content writer. So, if you have a job from blogsvertise, you just send em email. Tell em the job from blogsvertise. You can copy and paste the instruction. And then you pay for only $1 and wait for several hours and you will get the review.

You can find content writer by search using keyword "content review writer" on search engine. The average price is $1 per 200 words. Are you interested to participate review from blogsvertise? prepare your blog until get minimum PR2 and hurry to join. If you are luck, you will get $60-$100 a month (if you have at least 10 blogs registered).


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